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Ideas for activities and visits to keep dry

Drat! It's raining!

Raining in the south? It doesn't happen often on the Côte du Midi, but the rain can sometimes disrupt your stay…

Don't worry, you have plenty to keep you busy and can enjoy our beautiful region in other ways: from visiting the must-see museums to relaxing by an indoor swimming pool, playing an escape game, enjoying a workout or watching a film at the cinema... There's enough to satisfy the whole tribe!

And then after the rain, the sunshine always comes, and this is even more true here!

Céline Deschamps
Cathédrale de Narbonne

Attractions and museums

Don’t miss out on the heritage of Narbonne, whatever the weather. With more than 2,000 years of history, some exciting time travel awaits!

Easy and accessible on foot under a nice umbrella, let's explore the Bourg district and Saint Paul's Basilica.
In the Cité district, you can visit the Palace-Museum of Archbishops with its valuable collections of art, potteries, paintings... and the original part of the exhibition: the oriental painting section!
Then go through the Cloister and Cathédrale Saint-Just et Saint-Pasteur: interesting fact, it has never been finished and is the fourth highest vaulted building in France. The Treasure Room has peculiar acoustics and trying it out will delight the children!

Discover Narbonne

The exhibitions

To continue our cultural adventure, let's go to the exhibitions in the city. There are plenty: fine arts, paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, contemporary art, architecture... The choice is yours!

Exhibition Agenda

Mairie de Narbonne
Galeries souterraines de l'Horreum romain

Roman Horreum

The underground galleries of the Horreum, one of the only remnants still visible in Narbonne, are not to be missed!

Visit the Horreum

Côte du Midi Laetitia Guilhem
Musée Narbo Via Narbonne

Narbo Via

If you’re passionate about Roman history, the recently opened Narbo Via museum shows you the riches of the ancient city of Narbo Martius!

Visit Narbo Via

A great plan

The museums of Narbonne are free on the first Sunday of the month!

Le Somail

In Le Somail, two original attractions will shelter you from the rain!

Mrs Cradock welcomes us in the Information Office and takes us back in time. An original, amusing atmosphere to discover the history of the Canal du Midi. After our visit, we know everything about the canal. All we need is for the sun to reappear so that we can enjoy it on foot, on a bike or by boat!
The antique bookstore, the Trouve-Tout du Livre, is a paradise for bookworms! There are more than 50,000 old books. Search, leaf through the pages as you lose track of time, and with a bit of luck, it will have stopped raining when you leave!

Céline Deschamps
Librairie ancienne Le Somail

And in our beautiful villages...

There are some great museums to visit to learn and have fun !

The Musée des Corbières, in the heart of Sigean, contains remarkable archaeological collections: an educational visit that will make you want to come back and explore Sigean and its lagoons in the sunshine!

Peyriac de Mer, is is a magnificent village where you can enjoy a superb walk on the pontoons. We’ll be back when the sun comes out! In the meantime, we are visiting the Archaeological Museum whose collections come from digs carried out in the village in the 1970s and 1980s. Open by appointment.

Before walking the paths of the massif de la Clape when the sun comes out again, why not explore the Maison de la Clape in the village of Vinassan. This interpretation centre contains fascinating information about the emblematic massif, its mysteries, fauna, flora, its evolution and its links with mankind through videos, photos, panels and the 4D model! Admission is free.

Jean Belondrade
Espace Balnéo Gruissan
If you have to get wet, you might as well enjoy it!

Espace Balnéo of Gruissan

Welcome to the home of well-being! L’espace balnéo de Gruissan is a water area with spas, a sauna, hammam, a lazy river, massages... What a great way to spend some time!

You can relax and forget everything, even if the weather could be better... For a perfect experience, treat yourself to a massage and chill out for the rest of your stay!

Discover the Balnéo of Gruissan

Pools and Spas

Wherever you are in the area, there is always a swimming pool or water attraction nearby to enjoy!

In Narbonne, Espace de Liberté is the perfect place to be on a rainy day! On the menu: swimming pool, bubble bath and slides. Of course, you’ll want to come back when the sun is out to enjoy outdoor facilities like the water slide! In Port La Nouvelle, there is also an indoor pool and a water slide! You can also get a workout in the adventure pool by swimming against the current.

If it’s raining, there are other indoor pools you can use all over the Côte du Midi!

The specialities of the Côte du Midi under cover!


Forget the rain while you taste some good local products!

Lucques olives are the green diamonds of our territory! Visit L'Oulibo in Bize to learn everything about this emblematic product: take the olive tree odyssey, go on a treasure hunt and visit to the store to shop for some of the 3,000 local products. We are sure to come back to enjoy the olive grove under the sun!

Les Halles de Narbonne is the place to be in the morning! You are sure to agree that it is one of the most beautiful markets in France! We love its superb Baltard-style structure, but above all, the 80 stands serving fabulous fresh products. The smiles and the atmosphere of Les Halles will more than make up for the rain!

Terra Vinea
Terra Vinea
herveleclercaspheries Oulibo
Oulibo - Bize Minervois
Château L'Hospitalet
Dégustation Château L'Hospitalet
Céline Deschamps
Les Halles de Narbonne

All about wine

The Côte du Midi is home to one of the world's oldest vineyards! Take advantage of the bad weather to learn about our local wines.

Terra Vinea in Portel des Corbières takes us 80 metres underground, deep into the history of vineyards and wine! We are walking in the footsteps of former miners in a gypsum quarry: an unusual visit that ends with a tasting in the shop!

The Federation of Independent Winegrowers proposes Aude en liberté, a free exhibition in Narbonne in the heart of a fun, interactive scenographic space. A visit dedicated to the legacy, cultural heritage, wine-growing areas and riches of the region, which can end with a tasting!

Despite the rain, let's meet the wine producers from castle wine estates in the heart of a pine forest or a massif with Mediterranean trees, looking towards the sea or the lagoons! Discover the grape varieties, visit the cellar, taste some wines, stimulate all your senses! And when it stops raining, come back and enjoy the magnificent spectacle of these vineyards.

Discover the wine estates of la Côte du Midi

 Have fun out of the rain!

Leisure complexes

Looking for something to do with kids, teens or even adults who are looking for entertainment on a rainy day? Head for the "indoor" leisure centres!

You’re guaranteed to use up the kids’ excess energy at Royal Kids! For older children: Bowling, Laser Game, Laser Mission... compete with friends or family, good times guaranteed! If you’d rather exercise their grey matter, head to an Escape Game to solve puzzles worthy of Sherlock Holmes! There are several themes: adventure, escape, horror... Something to please everyone.

All indoor activities

Pixabay dbreen
Pop Corn Cinéma


Looking for something less energetic... How about a film?

A good film and some popcorn are the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon!

Find your cinema

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