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Qualité d'Accueil
An approach based on excellence

Our Quality Tourism commitments

Here you will find all our actions and labels/certifications obtained as part of our Quality approach. Whether through our eco-friendly gestures, the “Tourisme & Handicap” label, or our commitments to the public we serve, our Tourist Office is working today for the tourism of tomorrow.

Our commitments to you

We undertake to:

  • welcome you in clean, comfortable and pleasant premises,
    with open arms and a friendly smile!
  • provide you with informed advice based on suitable, reliable and up-to-date information to make your stay as pleasant as possible
  • send you any documents or information by e-mail on the same day you ask for it
  • facilitate your access to our offices by controlling and improving it
  • listen to any suggestions, comments or complaints you might have!

Tourist information office business hours

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Accueil Port-La Nouvelle
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Logo Qualité Tourisme

Qualité Tourisme™

and other labels

Our Community Tourist Office was awarded the Qualité Tourisme™ (Quality Tourism) label on 2 october 2018.

Qualité Tourisme™ is a trademark that acknowledges the rigorous quality approaches undertaken by tourism professionals who seek to satisfy customers through service quality.

Our Tourist Office has been classified Catégorie I (Category 1) since 2018.

Tourisme & Handicap
Logo Tourisme & Handicap

"Tourisme & Handicap"

  • The Tourist Information Offices in Port-La Nouvelle, Le Somail, Narbonne and Narbonne-Plage are certified for all 4 disability categories (hearing, mental, motor, visual).
  • The Saint-Pierre-la-Mer office is certified for motor, hearing and mental impairments.

The "Tourisme & Handicap" label

Accueil Vélo
Logo Accueil Vélo retaillé

"Accueil Vélo"

  • The Narbonne, Port-La Nouvelle and Le Somail offices benefit from this label.

The ACCUEIL VÉLO label meets the expectations of a growing number of users. It's a quality commitment.

The "Accueil Vélo" label

Sustainable development

Protecting the environment

The Tourist Office is committed to sustainable tourism through simple, common-sense actions to limit our impact on the environment, save money and be eco-reasonable! ! Because tourism tomorrow depends on our actions today!

Responsible tourism is not just a catchphrase. Only by adopting the right gestures for the planet on a daily basis can we leave our children a preserved environment. We make visitors and professionals alike aware of the need to respect the sensitive areas around us. Our natural territory is fragile, we must all be aware of our responsabilities.

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Développement durable

Our eco-gestures

  • We switch off the lights when we leave a room. Our common areas are equipped with presence detectors. Our ceiling lights are equipped with LEDs.
  • We drink from reusable cups rather than disposable cups. We have recyclable bottles.
  • We sort plastic bottles, packaging and cardboard, even during our lunch breaks.
  • We keep reusable scrap paper.
  • For getting around, we give preference to carpooling and public transport whenever possible. We have invested in electric vehicles.
  • We switch off all our appliances at the end of the day.
  • We keep a tight rein on our editions in order to readjust the number of future printings and orders for brochures from our service providers.
  • Our purchases are local or fair trade.

Your eco-gestures

If you're used to sorting your waste at home, why not continue to do so on holiday? Here you will find all the current sorting guidelines within our region.

Sorting together

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