Céline Deschamps
trott électrique canal du midi

Exploration without boundaries

Here, vineyards, coastal resorts, cliffs, pine forests, lagoons and the renowned Canal du Midi are all within easy reach. While you can certainly visit all these places by road, there are more adventurous ways of setting out: 2 or 4 wheels, on foot or on horseback.
Make your stay a real exploration and adapt your activities to the changing landscapes!

2 or 4 wheels, on the water, on foot or on horseback!

Leave your car behind

We don't suggest you do everything on foot, but rather transform all means of travel into a bit of an adventure!

Take a bike ride along the Canal du Midi, discover the vineyards by quad, explore our mountains and pine forests by electric scooter, or go on a mountain bike tour! How about a ride in a 2CV?

AS Quad Occitanie
randonnee quad

By quad

Go for a ride by quad and explore the area in small groups. You will get to see some incredible landscapes that would be inaccessible in normal circumstances.

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Céline Deschamps

By electric scooter

The electric scooter is THE new way to explore! You can enjoy some long routes in the heart of nature without getting tired, and all in an ecological way.

Discover the massif of La Clape, the vineyards, the ponds, the cliffs and the salt marshes; on some walks there are even tasting sessions!

You can also explore the Canal du Midi, the surrounding vineyards and pine forests of the Minervois... Here too, it's unlikely you'll leave without tasting some of the local products.

Bastian Daubin Expert in tourism on the Côte du Midi

I'm a big mountain biking fan, and I love to go directly from the Tourist Office in Narbonne along the Canal de la Robine or through the massif de la Clape. In the evening, I will sometimes play a game of squash at the indoor centre!

From shore to shore

Ponds, lagoons, coastline

Cross large ponds, land on an island, explore hidden beaches...Are you an explorer at heart? Then simply climb aboard!

Meet at Port-Mahon in Sigean! Rent the equipment you like or join a guided tour. How about a kayak trip to an island with an aperitif as the sun goes down?

Luc beziat
kayak sur etang
Luc Beziat
Stand-up-paddle à Leucate
Along the coastline

In the nautical bases of our seaside resorts, you can explore the region's islands, beaches, dykes and cliffs by boat, pedal boat, stand-up paddle, canoe, among others. You might just find a secret, deserted beach!

All nautical bases

Claude Cruells
On ponds and lagoons

In Bages, a unique boat library awaits you! It's like a regular library, only here, you borrow a boat! Boats, canoes, kayaks, optimists... the lagoons and ponds are all yours!

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Côte du Midi
Domaine Sainte Marthe
In the marshes

Near to Narbonne, you can also explore marshlands. The domaine Sainte Marthe gives you access to the marshes of a private domain. These canals guarantee you peace of mind, where even children can take the helm and explore!

Explore the marshes

On foot

By following the marked paths or being accompanied by a guide, walking is no doubt the easiest way to discover the region.

On foot, you can proceed at your own pace, take a break whenever you want, and make a stop as soon as you come across a nice spot.

Céline Deschamps
randonnée entre filles sur la Côte du Midi

Hikes and trails

All routes

Want to go hiking with others?

See our agenda to discover the departure places and dates of the guided walks: heritage, ornithology, landscapes and even theatrical visits, it's all there to discover!


Full Agenda

On horseback

If you're a horse riding enthusiast, it's hard to do without, even on holiday!

Come along to one of the Côte du Midi's Equestrian centres!

The most daring can even choose the "manade" option!

Manade Tournebelle
Manade Tournebelle

The Manade Tournebelle

Horses and bulls

On horse or ponyback, the "manade" is a chance to discover the most Camargue-like area of the Côte du Midi: a ride among the reared Camargue bulls, a stroll in the midst of nature to admire the pink flamingos, and walks through the marshlands and along the Canal de la Robine.

Fancy walking in the sea on horseback? The manade lets you refresh yourself and your mount around the island of Sainte Lucie and the massif de la Clape.


At our equestrian farms, you leave the coast and head for the Minervois, where you can ride along the Canal du Midi and cross rivers. You will no doubt come across goats, sheep, llamas and other farm animals!


By the sea, you can enjoy a walk for anywhere between one hour or one day, picnic included!


They too have 4 hooves and long ears: if you like horses, you'll love the donkeys at the Asinerie de Coursan donkey farm. Here you will see Pyrenean donkeys, discover the cosmetic products made with donkey milk and learn everything about eco-grazing.

I continue my exploration:

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Take to the air

Do you prefer climbing a vertical cliff face to sitting on a horizontal beach?

Time for a climbing session in the massif de La Clape!

A stone's throw from Narbonne you will find an exceptional view of the Mediterranean Sea up on the walls of the massif de la Clape and its protected natural site.

Ideal for taking your first steps in rock climbing, this site next to the sea is a great place to admire the coastline and lagoons, all from above!

And if you prefer getting started on a climbing wall rather out in the wild, try one of the 80 routes on the wall at the Eleven Sport Game complex in Narbonne.

An exotic playground

You won't believe your eyes when you arrive at the African Reserve of Sigean, where you'll be greeted by zebras, giraffes and lions!

Discover the Réserve Africaine de Sigean

Réserve Africaine de Sigean
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